Sick of life....can't take anymore

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I am feeling so down at the moment :( I just want to die :(

I dont feel loved by my husband even though he says he loves me, he doesn't show it :(

The only thing thats keeping me holding on is my daughter, but i dont think i can hold on for much longer :( I just hate life so much, and when i think about the future i could kick myself for being here, if that makes sense :(

I dont know why i keep feeling like this :( I want out


the fact that you get power from your child is really great :smile:
lots of people get sick of their life, but you should make a new
try to change it....
about your husband, you ever tried to show him that u need
something "more"? u cant just sit there and wait, because if he doesnt
see that now, he wont see it in the future either(im experienced in that).
i wont tell u to try and talk to him...maybe some daily actions would help,
to show him that u need him to be more caring...


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Please stay strong for the sake of your daughter. She needs her mother. Have you tried talking with your husband about the way you feel? If he loves you then he will surely do more to show this? I am sorry you feel life isn't worth it but please dont give up, is there nothing that makes you happy? Time spent with your daughter for example? If so, then try to focus on this positive and not let the current negative situation overwhelm you. You do have a reason to live. We are all here for you, please write back, sometimes it helps us hang on if we at least have an outlet for our pain and despair. Writing it out can make us more able to cope, at least until we find a real solution to our problems. Believe me, death is not, however tempting it may feel. I am sure you can be happy again and feel that life is worth living, just try to hang on and ride out this problem.

Take care *hugs*

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Its good you have a focus to try and stay strong - this is your daughter. Could you imagine what life would be like without her mum around? She is your inspiration, use her to see you through this time. Why not try talking to your husband? Plan to do more things together, spend more time together. Even if it getting out the house for a meal every few weeks. Has he done something recently to make you feel this way? Think positive when you look to the future - think about your daughter egtting older, her first day at school (if not already) and so on. Good luck dont give up just yet. Its at this time you test your real inner strength that i know you have.


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Thanks everyone x

I feel that my husband thinks more of his games console than he does of me :( He's on it, morning, noon, and night......i've asked him where i fit in and he can't answer me.

I tried to strangle myself the other night, but instead i passed out, i now have marks around my neck, i told my husband what i'd done, and he just asked me not to do it again :(

I do try and think of my daughter when i'm feeling suicidal but it's so hard when i'm feeling like this, i just dont see a future for myself.

Thanks again :) It's good to have somewhere i can come and talk/type when i'm feeling this way x
it seems to me as if your husband doesnt appreciat you. why dont you and your daugter have a break just the two of you go somewhere nice for 2/3 weeks and treat yourselves. considering what your husband said after your suicide attemped i think youd be better off without him because having negotive people around you when your feeling the way you do wont help. but deffinetly take a break with your daugter and after that your husband may come to his senses and treat you with more respect.


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Thanks :) I would love to take a break but i dont have anywhere to go, i don't have any family.

I think i would be better off on my own, but again i dont have any friends or family, so i'm stuck here x


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Sorry to hear that Lou. Your husband does not deserve you, pure and simple. I hope you find a way of having a break. If you ever need to talk, pm or email me or anyone else on here. We are only to happy to listen and support. Take care

grant (TheAM)


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But she may not be getting controller #2 because she does not enjoy video games.

I personally think your husband needs a wake-up call. Either that or take your daughter and seperate from him for awhile to see how things go. Someone is out there that will love you and give you the attention you deserve. I know upfront that bieng neglected is one of the worst feelings in the world. I bet you try to talk to him but his eyes stay glued to that TV, just like my ex-girlfriend would do while watching shows, playing with her dogs, doing anything but giving me any attention and making me feel like crap. Then when I speak out about it she looks at me like I'm a being dick. Thats something I hope SHE works on while we are seperated.

But hey, I am happy that you have a child to go on for. Best of luck to you!
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