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Sick of not having what I want

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I'm so sick of life, people always say that life is great but most of those people have money. Life is all about money here in this country. If you don't got any money you might as well be shit. That's why i'm so sick of Obama talking about education. People don't want to be educated, they want to be rich. I'm so sick of having to live with my mother and follow her rules, and go
through the same shit everyday. All I have to do is play video games and it's boring. I applied for many jobs and none of them called back. My mother moved us down to the south saying things would be different. Guess what? It's still the same. Nothing ever happens. Most people I see are in relationships and have cars and stuff. I don't have shit, sometimes I really feel like i'm just waiting to die. Where is my house?, Where is my car and my job? Where is my girlfriend? I want a girlfriend, I want to have sex, I want to drive in a car and go out to fancy resturaunts. I don't see why I have to use a cheap ass mp3 player when I want the real ipod. I don't care if people are less fortunate and I should appreciate life, I don't care about them, I care about me, what's wrong with caring about me.for once If people didn't want people to buy the stuff they made they should not have made it. Why can't I live my life. I hate thus fucking country, jobs want you to be slaves and they don't care about you. I swear if things don't change i'm packing my bags and running away, if I don't get a job in 2 weeks that's exactly what I will do. I'm tired of this shit.
Hey I know what you mean, I don't have a job anymore or a car and my brother has 2 jobs. People say I'm selfish because I want things but I don't think it's selfish, you want what you want, that's just the way it is. Hope you find a job soon
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