Sick of temper tantrums from kid old enough to know better!

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    College kid is home for the weekend. I've emailed her several times recently about what she owes me for her (reduced) portion of my cell bill, but she now says she's not working and can't afford to pay me. I have no other choice but to suspend her phone service. She keeps telling me she can't take money from her savings account to pay her part of the bill cause that money is for college.

    Well, she's using her cell phone AT college so should pay up and shut up. :mad: Now she's accusing me of "ruining" her weekend home by "demanding" she pay up.:mad: That's nothing compared to how I'm going to ruin her campus life by taking away her phone service.:mad:

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    good, she shouldnt expect u to pay for everything. suspend it until she pays up, or tell her to get one in her own name and ruin her credit raiting if she doesnt want to pay it.
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    You are doing the righ thing Sooz. It would be different maybe if that agreement weren't in place or you had the extra to spare. It is time she learn responsibility. When I was in college we had to use the pay phone if we wanted to call someone. Of course that was in the ages before dirt was even old :)