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    I'm really just here to vent. A while ago I moved in with my sister and her partner because I needed somewhere to stay and they needed someone reliable to help with rent.

    But my sister has something seriously wrong with her, she acts as if every little aspect of this world has to be perfect and if it isn't she has to find someone else to blame that's never herself (or her partner), which since I'm living here puts me in the crosshairs and I'm sick of feeling shit about something because of her whatever-the-fuck-her-problem-is condition.

    And her partner comes home every day and acts as if his job is the worst in the world, but he's working for a major company as an electrical engineer and works 9-5 give or take. Every day I choose between listening to him bitch moan and whine on the phone, to my sister, or whatever, or listening to music at an uncomfortable level with my headphones.

    Anyway, that's just the back-story. Now I'm moving cities thankfully. And my sister inspects my room to make sure there's nothing wrong with it, but she spots some wear and tear on the carpet where it's flattened down from my desk, but not to the matting. In fact I CANT EVEN SEE WHAT SHES ON ABOUT. She's obsessing over NOTHING. She emailed the agent asking what to do, and she says he says I have to call a cleaning company to ask what can be done about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, and expects me to pay for a professional cleaner to clean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. And what they don't seem to get is that the landlord pays for wear and tear. Not the tenant.

    She even had the nerve to say she just has an eye for detail. The funny thing is she doesn't and I do.

    Now here's the other thing, I dropped something in the kitchen bin and it broke, it had always been partially broken, and got worse over the months. Last night they were suggesting what actions to take to fix it, then today I came upstairs and she asked me what I had done, I was like "what?" and she said she told me yesterday what she wanted me to do, fucked if I had known they intended me to fix it I would of told them to go to hell. And that's exactly what I should of done then and there, but I was too flabbergasted. She said "you're the one who broke it" and I said that I didn't break it, I was using it when it broke but I didn't break it. And her dickhead of a partner says to me "It doesn't matter <name>, it still has to be fixed" as if I don't know that. So first they blame it on me then insinuate I am being incompetent for not fixing it.

    Well I'm going to tell my sister she can fix her own bin because she's always going on about how this is "their home" as if I don't live here, and she can have that if she wants but she doesn't get to choose when it applies. I already offered to pay for a third of it but I'm not their fucking minion.

    And I'm not calling a carpet company to get a quote for something I will not pay for. The agent can come look at it if he wants but I wont call the company.
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    I told her I wasn't going to fix it and she can't keep blaming me for things, but I'll pay a third of the costs since there's three of us. Then she tried to entirely pin it on me, then said fix it or leave tomorrow, and I said that isn't happening either way and I wont let her blackmail me, she threatened to call the cops.

    Some fucking family I have. I hope she calls the cops so they arrest her for wasting their time.
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    If you are on tenancy agreement - then yes - pay a third of costs...

    But - if it's only her and her partner - you don't have to pay a penny towards standard wear and tear.

    Sounds like she's a manipulative one - is she used to getting things her own way or having a tantrum/hissy fit when something requires her to pay out/do something?
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    Pretty much.

    Her partner stopped her calling the police, knowing it'd just get her arrested for wasting their time. Which I told her myself.

    Then she starts going off at me on facebook, which is better than face to face because there's no way I'd get a word in, and she started saying she was going to call the police because I'm being violent and unpredictable. She's using her little knowledge of my mental health against me, and that's unforgivable. For that one I'm going to press charges using the facebook logs if she steps over the line once more.

    My mother is a horrible person and she tried telling me I'm turning into her.

    I'm not on a tenancy agreement and after that they get NOTHING. Not-a-thing.

    All this because of a flimsy piece of shit plastic bin that was lucky to survive that long finally broke.

    She's disowned.
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    Well my days are long and crappy now. Waiting out a week before I can move is taking forever because I have to cope with this shit.

    Really upset with people right now.