Sick of this one sided bullshit

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I am sorry in advance because I will come off as "playing the victim" but I am so sick and tired of how one sided life can be. It seems like whenever I express how I feel to others, it's like it's wrong of me to do so. For example, I let someone know in a assertive way they said or did something that was hurtful, of course, I am now blaming them for my problems. Yet, If it's the other way around, I try to listen and understand but why should I? Some people in this dumbass world can be themselves to the point they are just selfish assholes, yet I try really hard to treat others the way I would like to be treated and it gets thrown back in my face.

I really want to cut right now out of anger. And yes again I know this is whiny and pathetic, but I'm so fucking tired of hurting and being confused by the fucking one sided bullshit in my life. It doesn't make sense and it just makes me want to give up. I'm sorry if none of this made sense, I don't know how to say this in some perfect way.


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I'm sorry your feeling this way.. you sound very frustrated with it atm..

I'm glad your at least able to share it here.. :hug:
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