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sick of this

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so. my girlfriend of 2 years dumped me on friday. i ried getting her back but i cant she wont tell me why, she just left, next. if you saaw my last post my cousin was hit and killled. in had to miss the funeral because some stuck up bitch teacher who woukdnt let me miss something for it
today i discovered tey are taking my aunt off life support. she was closer to me than my mother,
im so fucking sick off all this shit. i want it all done tonight. i wanna go for a long drive. and never return. im so tired of life. im so tired of everything i just want it ti be done. i shouldnt have to go through this. im done. goodbye

and to mom. this is not yourfailt.


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Andrew...I truly know how this feels...when the pain is so great that you feel you can no longer breathe, and there is no other way to deal with it...but please trust me (you do not know me, I know, so it is a leap of faith), that holding on to ppl who care can get you through...please PM me if you would like to hear the details of my darkness as I do not want to highjack your thread with it, but, anyone who knows me can tell you, it isn't pretty at all...hold on to us and let us be there for you...this is something I think we do really well...wish I could give you one in real life, but a cyber hug is all I can give you now...J


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i trust everybody here. but i have no one to turn to. im out of options, she was the one thing keeping me from dying. i have no where to turn, no where to run. some of my teachers even know im depressed through my journals... wanna know what they do. nothing. ive talkes to councilers. wanna know what i get, that generic shit, everything will be okay, for everything happens for a reason.thats all i get. im sick of this b ut thanks for somewhat caring
is your aunt still conscious, are you able to see her?

it's not the decision of an individual teacher to deny you the opportunity to attend a funeral. you can take this to the principal, the school board if need be or the law.

your girlfriend might decide to come back sooner or later. maybe because you are having so much stress right now that she can't deal?

hey, I hope that you can get through this
hmmm 3 pretty unfortunate/depressing things happening all at once is pretty crap...dont kill ur self over this though - its just a bad period in ur life, it will pass
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