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    since I started to count calories and this kind of new diet, I had been having nausea but at first I dismissed it, but friday I had this real bad nausea and then this pain on my sides and I had to go do number 2. I had really bad pain. So anyways saturday is okay, but tonight I got big pains in my stomach to go to the bathroom and so I went and couldn't go, it was hard and stuck, then I had nausea and I vomited everything I ate. Then I had to push on my skin in between the vagina and anus (sorry for being gross) so the poop could come out...but I had bad cramps for like an hour after that....

    is that normal? could it be the diet? I'm kind of confused, I've always had pain to go to the bathroom but not like that and not to the point of vomiting. It was like it couldn't come out one end to it came out the other...really weird...
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    Sounds like the change in diet has caused constipation. Make sure you are getting enough fibre, bran and water in your diet. If you are still struggling visit your doctor and get some stool softener.
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    It sounds like there might possibly be a blockage, if the food isn't going through the way it's supposed to. You said that you were throwing up what you ate and that doesn't sound good. Maybe see a doctor if the symptoms don't go away.
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    Heya, good news :) you arent alone here. Im a runner, and have had issues going poo since ive started being careful about the diet it eat, to improve my running times. one BIG thing is to NEVER cut your fiber intake. If worst comes, please at least try a fiber supplement. This often is a huge help. Also, how much water do you drink? i have found when i dont drink enough, or when i drink too much of other things besides water (which is not only usually fattenning, even milk, but doesnt give the same affect as strait water) then i have problems with my whole digestive system, and body. This usually uncudes most of your description. Troubled time going poop, nausia, and stomach cramps, along with hard poop. Try noting when you go pee, and the color you are peeing. the darker yellow, the more water you need to drink. also keep an eye out for verry "foggy" looking pee, as this is a bad sighn, and can mean an infection somewhere. More things that come along with not water is dehydration, sometimes dry mouth, and a nasty headache, and dizzyness. If You are drinking enough water, and taking in fiber, you need to go to your doctor. Your new diet may not be agreeing with something in your digestive system, and you need to take care of that.

    whatever you do, plese take care of yourself, and if you want to talk to me about it, im more than open to talking (as ive been in that position)

    take care