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Sick with worry, Lostbutnotfound!

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Sick with worrying about Lostbutnotfound! Oh God Donna I really pray you are safe, you deserve so much better and you still have your whole life before you. you mean so much to me and tons of others here!

The terror is sickening, on verge of throwing up and I don't think I'd could face losing someone else, the thought of seeing your name and number while knowing you're not there... shit tears at the thought!

You are awesome Hon! xxx
Im always worried about this special lady, she stays quiet but her pain, suffering and memories are immense.
Always she offers caring, love and support with her open ears and heart.
I know you are isolating coastal lass, i also know by now there is no point in trying to get you to talk, we are both stubborn, proud people.
I wish you would let me in, we share much.
Stay safe you, you are in my thoughts.
Pete x
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