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I feel tired, I feel sick, I just want to throw up.
I cant do anything right anymore.
I think too much, and then its like I havent thought at all.
I like to sabotage myself, thats clear.
How many fucking times do I have to ruin a good thing? before I learn!
So many things i need to do, but if I cant get the most important things right
How the fuck am I suppose to do the rest
So many people I have to apologize too ive lost count...
I just want to hide under a rock right now and die
I seriously dont give a fuck anymore.

All I ask is that you make it quick.
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I think you need to fucking explain this all! What did you ruin? What do you need to do? You dont need to do a thing, you should want it! Apologize, for what? Matt you can accomplish everything, dont think to much about the past, or to much about others. You should think more about yourself, think what you really want. I know you can do it, but the change that it will just happen is small, you need to work for it. That probly means that you have to do things, you rather dont want to do. But how its going now isnt really working for you. I dont really know what to say. You know you can always talk to me on msn, skype, phone. And you better do that!!

Sa Palomera

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I'm with blubs on this one, Matt. What did you do, that you think you've ruined something? :hug:

For as far as I know you didn't ruin anything at all.
Also I'd like to take this chance to apologize for my behaviour last night, I shouldn't of acted that way. :arms:

Anyway you better not go sitting and waiting for the day you die, mister, because you know how much it would hurt me and others and you know very well that things can work out VERY well for you, sweetie :hug: you KNOW it!
You just have to do something for it, even if you'd rather not do those things.
Look at me, I'm gonna go into town for a job in a few mins. If I can do it, then you SURE AS HELL can do it too, sweets.

Remember I'm here for you, you know how to reach me. :hug: :hug:

love ya,
Est x

ps - I'm proud of you for so many things :arms:
Matt, you need to remember that you can't fix the world. You need to concentrate on a few things or people at a time. You do not need to apologize for being human. We can only do so much before we ourselves break. I think you have reached the breaking point. Please do not take on any more than you can safely handle without causing harm to yourself. Than may mean you choose to help one oerson, even if that person is you. I am not saying you have to cut everyone else off, you need to tell them that you are not in a position to give them as much time and sypport they may require. Your friends will understand and offer to support you too. It is a two way street. Take care of Matt right now. The rest will be fine. Others will step in as is necessary.
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