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  1. Rainbird

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    I'm sick of this depression, sick of feeling like this all the time and sick of there being no way to cope anymore. I'm sick of it taking over. It's wrecked my business and I can't deal with anyone or relate to anyone. I took a low-dog shitty job because I thought at least I'd be out of the house, making some money, and helping my family. At least my life would have some purpose. But I hate my job and I hate my co-workers and I hate that they criticize me constantly and treat me like I'm retarded because I seem to be so out of it. I'm not out of it, I just don't care. I don't care about the stupid job or the people or anything. It's so hard not to flip out on the people I serve. I hate having to smile and act like everything is OK when I want to tell the truth, that it's all crap and I want to run away from it, except there's nowhere to go. And I can't explain anything to anyone because they just say see a doctor, but I can't because medication makes me so sick I feel like I'll throw up all the time. Now I have to battle migraines on top of everything else. I have headaches all the time and feel nauseous and I just wish it would all stop. :dry:
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    I am so sorry you are feeling this thing I can comment on, is that the meds I am on took we weeks to adjust to...vomiting, agony and then, it was OK...get a creative pdoc and start low and see is s/he can find something that is right for you...big hugs, J
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    Hey i know you say you hate medication but i think having depression and migraines are worse. There is medication that can prevent migraines from happening and medication to stop the depression if not take therapy it works well too. hope you go to hospital and just get help for you okay stop the sadness.
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