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  1. Shagura

    Shagura Member

    The Suffering

    The Suffering


    A decaying empty shell
    Residing in this premature hell
    My redundancy stains
    Anguish is all that remains

    Black is all I see
    Stare at me with empty eyes, point your words at me
    My body has been drained
    Gladly I embraced

    Lost inside my sick head
    Now I crawl to my bed
    Peel the skin from my face
    Sucked in by the grim haze

    Soon my plane will leave
    Rid of the pain I now heave
    My empty room sets scene
    For what will have been

    Pain fiend suck me through barbed field
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  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    I am sorry you arein so much pain :console::console:
  3. Shagura

    Shagura Member

    Thanks. :) Could you maybe change the title to collection or something like that? Sometimes I need to write, so I'll just put it in this thread.
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  4. Sadeyes

    Sadeyes Staff Alumni

    Ramon, you are so talented...I am so sorry it has to be in the service of expressing so much pain...please know, my PM box is always open, and that I do understand the depths of a pain like this...J
  5. Shagura

    Shagura Member

    I don't mind
    Lost my mind
    But I don't mind
    I can't find

    My mind
  6. Shagura

    Shagura Member


    Hurting bane
    Cuts through life's lane
    Sword of blessed and sane
    Enkindling selfdestructive flame

    Harrowing to the bone
    Why feel lone
    Often you condone
    The dead end stare that I own
  7. Shagura

    Shagura Member

    Have a lot on my mind. Wrote some of it down.


    Stinging hurt
    Death flirt

    Foggy concience

    Stomach stings
    Needing wings

    Angry walls

    Whisper thoughts
    Existence distraught

    Another thought?

    How did this come to be

    Just come and save me​
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