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Discussion in 'Self Harm & Substance Abuse' started by bella muerte, May 4, 2007.

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  1. bella muerte

    bella muerte Well-Known Member

    i've been cutting for 2 years and no matter how much i try to stop , i give in to the urges.

    i cut today and i deeply regret it :sad:
    i wish i'd be strong but with whats going on at the moment i can't cope.
    i'm crying all night because of nightmares that lead me to cut..

    i'm so desperate , i hate it so much .. i truly wish i was dead sometimes:huh:
  2. jjustme

    jjustme Guest

    hey.. I wish I could help you but i don't feel much stronger then you at the moment...
    Try to don't give in to the urges.. Do you have professional help? Have you tried other things instead of cutting; to put ice on your wrists or something like that...
    Well it doesnt works to me but I hope it works to you..
    You can always pm me.. I really wanna help you to feel better:smile:
    please don't wish you were dead... You can survive this life and this world! Show all that fucking people you're strong, you can do it, i'm sure:smile:
    Good luck and hold on:hug:
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