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* Sigh * ... Again?

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Well .... I joined this site last year .... yesterday last year in fact: Sept 3rd 2005.

I was suicidal then.

I believe I feel the same now.... or is it just an incredible down feeling? :unsure:

Feeling crap today, and have been for the last few days on and off I suppose. I went out, met with friends ..... took the piss out of me.

I guess a few of you know I am interested in trains? Well, that isn't a good thing to be interested in right now: There was a fatality this afternoon, causing delays in me getting home .... I kept thinking... '' Why not me? ''

I have considered jumping ..... not that it was a serious thought, but either way - the thought was there - which obviously isn't good.

I just feel down at the moment .... I'm starting at a new school tomorrow, in the 6th form - meant to be happy I suppose. I was really looking forward to it also - not now though....

What should I do?
Any ideas?


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:hug: I wish I knew what to tell you. New places and new situations are always hard. You did say you wer elooking forward to it but ofcurse as it gets closer the nerves and/or fear tends to kick in. I feel similar about an upcoming workshop. One thing I just thought of is taking something familiar with you. like a favorite book orsomething that makes you feel safe. I've tried that and it doesn't take away all the worry but it can give a bit of relief when things get to be too much. You are smart and from what i've seen of you braver than you realize. You can do it. Maybe after the first day iy will gradually get better. I am very glad you are still around Joe. :hug:



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Thanks Mia.

I think partially, I'm a bit nervous about starting at the new school, but I am almost 100% sure that that's not all of the problem .... :sad:

Only problem is, that I don't know what's making me feel like this (other than what I've said above!)
I hope you're feeling better today hun :hug: :hug: :hug: I'm sorry you were feeling so bad before :( But things can get better, they really can. And if anyone can feel better, you can :) :hug:


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Hi Joe, just popping in to ask how your first day in 6th form went?
Also the new school, I hope things weren't as bad as you anticipated.....
often the anticipatory fear is worse than real thing.

I hope you begin to feel better soon Joe, guess we gonna have a chat on skype some day soon.. :biggrin:

:hug: Hazel xo
Lost Soul - thanks for the hugs :biggrin: :hug: much appreciated :)

Lauren - thanks for the support, it means a lot :) :hug:

TDM - I'm doing OK now... :)

Hazel: Yes, today was great in 6th Form :) - as always - it's better once I'm there - I just get on with it :) And yes - Skype! :biggrin:

Thanks to you all for your support :grouphug:

It means a lot - YOU all mean a lot!



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Anniversary of a date is a weird thing to get your mind around. Just wanted to add that I always thought of you to be older, guess we do sound more mature in some of our writings. I am glad you tackled things and go forth. Wishing you well this year.

Well now that you are feeling better i finally spot this thread. Sorry i am soooo late. Glad things are better now and 6th form is good too. Just wanted to let you know i am thinking of you and hope things continue to look up. :hug:
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