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  1. Okay...

    I guess this would be the place to do this.

    As some of you may know, I was recently engaged to a man in the army. We had a child together and we were supposed to be getting married July '07 but it didn't happen. He told me, for the second time, that he was being unfaithful, so we finally broke it off (and this time for good). He had called me in the hospital to tell me this when I was already in a bad place, but I suppose it's best he told me there as I couldn't do anything stupid. Of course I cried and freaked out once the reality hit me, but now I know that it couldn't have been the best thing for me.

    I've really tried to move on and put him in the past. I'm trying to talk to other people, I even dated another guy. But now that's gone too. While I was dating Caleb (my most recent ex) I met a girl who is so amazing. I didn't think that I would fall in love with this girl...but I have. I love her with everything that I am. I would do anything for this girl. She is my world, and I couldn't be without her. I can't imagine my life without her at this point. She is everything to me. I don't really even know how to explain it all.

    Anyways, there's a bit of a problem. NOBODY KNOWS THAT I'M BI (and I'm not quite sure how to tell anyone). I didn't expect this to happen. I didn't expect to fall in love with another girl...but it happened and I'm loving it. I couldn't ask for anything more. I'm just scared that if anyone in my family or my friends finds out they aren't going to accept it. I mean sure, my family isn't exactly proud of some of the things that I've done, but this seems to be different. I don't know. I'm really worrying about this, but I feel like I need to get it off my chest. I need to tell someone and I'm not sure where to start. Even doing this is a big step for me I guess, as pathetic as it may seem. If you have any advice, I'd love to hear it. Thanks!
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    hey hun,

    it is a big thing even admitting to yourself. the 1st time i told someone was the 1st time i admitted it to myself. and i only said it when my best friend told me he was.

    i told my mum that he had told me he was bi - then she asked me if i was gonna come out - so i told her i was bi. her responce was 'well how do u know' i thought of so many answers (cos i like boys and girls!) me responce was something like 'cos i just know' that was it - case closed. i think it is easier toadmit to being bi then gay. but hun - do it in ur own time. if these feelings are prettynew then u need to sort them out and understand them more in ur head and heart b4 'coming out'

    nobody expects to fall in love - it just happens.

    i am so so happy you finaly found someone that makes u happy and makes u smile. follow your heart and try not to worry too much. after all this is your life.

    Love Clare
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    ditto for what clare said
    hugs to u both
    proud of u
    and grab that happiness
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    A grand total of two people know that I'm bi.
    ...and I have gotten to the point where I don't really fucking care.​
    What can they say?
    (that hasn't already been said?)

    What can they do?
    (that hasn't already been done?)

    My parents aren't exactly proud of me either
    and i know that you know that...
    they don't love me and you know that.

    ..but if your parents truly do than
    they will ACCEPT YOU FOR WHO YOU ARE!!!

    short, tall, fat, skinny, gay, staight, bi, white, black, or even purple
    it won't make any difference.

    I don't have that in my life but some
    of my friends do...its a beautiful thing but
    you have to work for it.

    You have heard me say more than once Jax,
    that relationships take work they just don't happen overnight.

    They happen over laughter, tears, regrets, smiles, sighs, endless hours of phone conversation, and jello pools.