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Well.. It may seem odd.. But im only 13.

I recently lost my best friend, Who hung himself at his house. His name is "Aiden Thomas". He was on the news today i didn't even know about it.

I feel that there is no reason for my existance, i don't have friends, hobbys.. or anything. I have hundreds of appointments at doctors etc. And it seems im depressed, and possibly even have "Aspergers Syndrome" (Google it). I also have extreme attendence problems at school.. And i keep getting legal threats etc..
Hey Adam, welcome to SF. Wow, you're so young. :( I'm sorry to hear about your best friend, that must have been a huge shock. You're no doubt grieving the loss of your friend. Do you have anyone you can talk to? Everyone has their own way of coping but if you're struggling then please don't hesitate to talk to someone such as a relative or a teacher. If your friend went to the same school as you they may have people there you and the other students/teachers can talk to.

How long have you been having suicidal thoughts? Have you told anyone about them?

Good luck with the appointments with the doctor, and hopefully you don't have Aspergers, but if you do, then it doesn't have to win you over. Yes I know life can be difficult with it but are there any support groups in your area? Your doctor may be able to provide you with some information. Going interest groups can be a good place to meet people, and make friends.

Can you or your parents explain to your school about your poor attendance? When I was younger my attendance at school was really bad and I had the authorities on my back so I know how irritating they can get and can really put stress on you, also, missing a lot of school is a negative thing, too. Are you catching up on work in school and also out of school?

I highly suggest you talk to someone about how low you're feeling. You mention you have appointments at doctors, have you been diagnosed as depressed? Sorry, I was a little unclear when reading your post.

You do have a purpose in life and things can get better, just hang in there, chat with us and get the support you want and need, but also, I recommend getting support in real life, too. :hug:

Lady E

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Adam I am so sorry for your loss :sad: . It's hard to lose a friend escpecially when you are thirteen. Maybe your school or town has grief counselors available for you to talk to about your feelings towards Aiden. There may even be a support group composed of his other friends and family where you can also discuss your grief.
AS is also very hard to deal with, some of my family members struggle with AS and other forms of autism. I wish you the best of luck with your diagnosis whether or not you have AS.
But school is very difficult escpecially at your age but try to stay with it, are your doctor's appointments effecting your attendance or are you just having a difficult time getting the energy to go to class? Like resistance said you really should try and keep up with your schoolwork because you don't want it to hold you down later on.
Your existance does have a reason just because you haven't quite found a passion yet doesnt mean you should give up. Pick up an instrument or writing something to help you get out your negative feelings. Keep trying until you find somethin you love.
You are in my thoughts, and I really hope you find the support that you need.


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hi adam. im a pupil at your school, temple moor, and im in the 6th form. if you need anyone to talk to then im here. ive done the SOS councelling at school so i hope i can help if you do want someone to talk to. i know alot of people knew him, and school was so sad on friday. i hope you talk to someone about this and dont just let it get worse.
Sarah x
Adam I am sorry to hear about your friend and the way you learned of his death. Death is hard at any age, but death to suicide at such a young age is even more difficult to understand. I am not sure you ever do. I hope there ar people for you to talk with available through your school. I am sure you are not the only one that has been affected by your friends death. Are the doctors appointments due to the way you feel, or the possibilty of Aspergers? Although this is not the easiest thing to deal with, you can manage it and live a good life. There are members here with Aspergers and they are wonderful people. Keep us informed as to how you are doing. Take care. :hug:
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