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    im so sick of having to wake up and see how shitty i look... how sick my mom looks... how high my dad is... just fucking everything... im failing horribly in school.... and i just had to loan my dad some money because he is a stupid bum and is to lazy to get off his ass and get a job.

    I really don't think ill be alive much longer at the rate things are going.... id rather be dead then see my mom die... my dad drink himself to death because of her dieing... bleh it might not even happen but thats what i think will happen and so im going to stick with that story.

    I'm constantly getting migraines now and nothings working/helping them.. They just want me to hit my head against the wall until i pass out.

    My eye is still kinda fucked up and 4 doctors fucking FOUR!! cant figure out what the hell is wrong with me and it pisses me the fuck off.

    Still can't sleep but oh well... if i really need sleep ill od on something to pass out lol.

    My dad thinks i should eat more "organic" stuff for my migraines but i'd rather just have the crap i eat right now.

    Im more missed of lately because i haven't had a cigarette in about a week.. i need to get someone to get me some.

    Well thats enough complaining for one day... :dry:
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    hi john :hug:

    i'm so sorry you're still not feeling any better. it takes a lot of strength to go through all this at your age - it would be too much for anyone to cope with on their own. you have no idea how much i admire you for being there for your mom and dealing with your dad being high all the time - but you have to look out for yourself too. please remember that there are so many people here who care about you if you ever need to talk.

    as for the migraines, what you eat can actually make a big difference - things like cheese, nuts, MSG and chocolate can make them worse so you might want to try cutting a few things out to see if they get any better.

    take care and PM me if you need anything