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    This place is pissing me off (this place=life, not SF)
    Why do the nice people get treated like shit? Why do the nice people get walked all over? Why do the nice people have to put up with such shit?

    She's the most amazing person I know. I love her more than life itself. It pisses me off watching her being treated like this. She refuses to talk about herself to others, refuses to ask for help. She will sit there, feeling shit, listening to someone else ranting..making herself feel worse. She will do it over and over. And it kills me to watch. I have sat next to her so many times when people will come into chat/text her/MSN her and go off onto one at her. It's not fair. She's not just here to listen to everyone else you know. She has her problems too!!! I'm trying so damn hard to make her better, like she is with me, and then there's just people who don't seem to give a shit!

    Meh, there's more to post to this later, but she is watching me right now...
  2. Blackness

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    good to see she has someone like you to care so much about her :)
  3. *dilligaf*

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    I'll always be here for her :)

    I know certain people are likely to reply to this saying that they have been good friends to Vikki. Can I just say that this isn't about everyone, just a few people who have been getting on my nerves.

    Right, part 2...

    She has a 'friend' who only talks to her when she wants something. If she works out who I am talking aout here she will stick up for her. Typical Vikki, everyone else is always right and she is always wrong. I wish so much that she could see herself the way I see her, the way people around here see her.

    Her best mate got arsy with her the other night because Vikki wouldn't buy her any alcohol (she has just turned 15 and Vikki was busy at the time!)

    Grr, I don't even know what I'm ranting about at the moment, I just wish that she could be happy. I'd give anything for that...
  4. -Sunset-

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    Aww sam, :hug: like blackness said, she's lucky to have you by her side x

    And while your takin care of vikki, make sure you rememba to take care of yourself too !! x
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    Baby, just leave it. Not worth the hassle. Sorry its making you feel bad. I'll try to fix that some how.
  6. *dilligaf*

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    needed to rant baby. and you are worth the hassle

    no need to apologise OR try to fix things.

    love u darling :hug: