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  1. Shauna Lea

    Shauna Lea Staff Alumni

    AGAIN! Someone tells me they care about me - love me even - to the point where I feel horrible that I am not with him and the next minute he's with someone else. He says he was trying to get over me but I don't know. I have MASSIVE trust issues from my past relationships, he knows that - every does! No apology or amount of time will lead me to forget what I've been through. I am having the nightmares again - almost every night! I wake up in a sweat or crying and am paralysed with fear for a few minutes.

    I should go back to the doctor to get some more medication, I should make an appointment with the psychologist again but they havent helped in the past and nothing seems to change so why waste my time again. Why put myself through the awkward process when there is no light?

    Depression is in my blood, in my mind and in my soul! I just want out :sad:

    I need a change but I'm afraid of the unknown. What if the next turn just brings more pain and heartache? The next slip will be my last and I live every day in fear. I wish someone else would take the wheel and drive me a safe place but the wheels in my hands and I'm not strong enough to make the right turns anymore. :sad:

    I could go on for pages and pages but I'll end it there.
  2. jane doe

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    well if the ext turn hurts more you can always conme back=D
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