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  1. lightbeam

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    What is the best way to tell your parents (whom are 58) than you are seeing a 50 year old. I'm 32, and love her. Unfortunately I don't know they are going to react positively to this news. I need to know to let them know easily.

    She is coming up from Texas to see me in April, and I need to let my parents know easily...

    Any help would be appreciated.
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  2. Datura

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    Why is her age of vital importance to them? It's none of their business.
  3. nok1888

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    If she makes you happy then they should support you
  4. Rayne

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    Tell your parents before she arrives.. like, a good few weeks before if possible. They might need time to adjust to the idea. But basically, maybe just tell them that you genuinely love her and that you understand her age may make them uncomfortable at first but you hope that they'd meet with her and get to know her, see how happy she makes you.