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    Well i'm back again.. saying something yet again about my parents..this is how it went..:sad:

    A few days ago i gave my mother my official decision about my plans to join the Armed Forces in April when i turned 17, and she had no reaction what so ever. just a "ok.". As for my father..when i told him what i wanted to do in the military after a detailed hour conversation his only thing to say was "alright that's fine looks like i don't have to pay for college now haha". Then he tried to go on telling me that if i want money then i'll have to work in an office all my life.. I'm sorry but money means nothing to me. I wanna have fun with my life, if that means dieing young for a greater cause but loving what i did with my life then i'm fine with that..The saddest part is that i've been telling them more and more into depth about what i'd like to do in the military for over a year and i've received no support or suggestions..everything with my family has to turn into a childish debate..:dry:
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    They are probably nervous about the whole army thing with wars and so many young soldiers dying They don't know what to say but they will be proud of what ever you do . You do what makes you happy but stay safe the army now it not really a safe place. too many people dying.