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    I have so many problems life is so hard wish it was easier... my dad says he loves me but then the next he hits me and beats me up same with my older sister who once told em she likes to beat me up and then at school I get bullied a lot and I only have 1 friend....wait scratch that maybe not a friend more like a bit... I get beat up a lot if my parents found out then my dad would get angry and beat me up I get scared of him easily and its so lonely...I dont know what to do.. ive never really had a friend all my life when I was 10 i was thinking about running away but knew id never survive and now im having so much pressure from my dad becuase I'm not so smart and if i dont get good grades he beats me up he has anger issues and at school if i fight back i might get caught and get in trouble with my parents finding out and then at home as well... i get sucide thoughts a lot but i try not to do it... i try my best and always put on a smile or at least a fake one...but its so hard.. being lonely all your life with people looking down at you hurting you... not fun.. also im being presssured to be a doctor when i dont want to and a arranged marriage by my parents... my parents say they love me but I dont like them and never will I hate them a lot even though they dont know...I dont like the world very much..
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    that sounds like a terrible life to have to lead. you need to get on the phone to child line or child protection serives or social services or whatever you have where you live and tell them about your dad beating you, its not something you should have to live through.
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    That is definitely abusive! You should tell someone what you go through. Maybe a teacher or someone.