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i cant cope with all this shit anymore... its too much, the fucking ignorance and stupidity of people sometimes just never fails to amaze me!!!!!! ugh!!!!!!!

you may as well just walk out completely, its not like it hasnt happened before, and i aint stupid, i DO know whats going on! i mean, duh, you come back late and then you turn the TV on loud so i cant hear the two of you - and then yet you come in right after mother dear to cry on my shoulder and tell me all thats happened. i'm just a kid..... what do you expect me to do? go out and punch him down coz he's being a dickhead? i know hes a dickhead half the time, okay? thats probably the main reason i still cant trust him, and you cant make your own mind up either because every single time you say that you'll tell your parents next time they come and visit - but you never do. even when i nag and hint and nag and hint some more to grandpa, he still hasnt picked up yet. either that or he doesnt want to believe me. he'll take it better from you, so tell him already!!

he's abusing you... cant you see it?! no not physically, not anymore, but mentally and emotionally yes, cant you see it?! you need to get yourself out of here, and you wont freaking listen.

its all too much again...... i cant cope with it all..... i want to cut........ :cry:
You can get through this TDM. I have faith in you hun. I am here if you need to talk. I know how frustrating it is to know what someone needs to do and they will not help themselves out of the situation. The fear of the unknown overrides the fear of what is familiar. I think this may be what is happening with your mom. Hang in there hun. Stay safe.
Fighting parents....been there done that. My parents fought so often so loud it made me want to scream. I'd just stick my head into a pillow and cry. They finally got a divorce like 6 years ago (i was about 8). Love my mom but I still have bitter feelings toward my dad. Said "fuck you" to his face and punched him last winter. It's tough, sometimes separation is the best thing. I think you should just tell your grandpa straight up instead of leaving it up to him to figure it out. He's not always there and can't tell whats going on if nobody tells him.
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