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i feel great, now... but i have this feeling that in september i will do something really stupid...i'm trying my best to go out more, meet new people, but i feel there is a deadline soon...i just wanted to share...


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Why September? Did something bad happen during that month in a previous year, or it's just a gut feeling?

I get the impression you're a bit lonely? If so you'll meet plenty of great people here. Keep posting and talk to us about what's worrying you if you like.


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Hi finao,

It’s good to hear that you feel great now…

How did you get the idea of “that in september i will do something really stupid”? What could make you do such a thing without your permission? You know you have the power…

In fact, you will only experience September as "now" when it comes. Can you live in the “now” and not think too much about the “future”? The truth is “now” is all we ever have. Just enjoy the great feeling “now” and let such feeling keep manifesting...

If you feel you need to get something done by September, do what you can now and enjoy the process. You may feel just as great when September comes...as "now"...

Wish you well!
thx, to both of you for your kind remarks, but it's that in september i will have to find a new place to live in... and it's not looking too good... kinda stuck, and there isn't much i can do about it, so i just feel trapped... like a mouse in a labyrinth with no exit...it's really a horrible feeling :(... but that's life ^^ the uncertainty of tommorrow makes today feel like chocolate lol... hehe...


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Where are you living now? An apartment or with friends or parents? And how come you'll have to find a new place to live?

Well it's only June so at least you've got 3 months to find a new place. When you mention the uncertainty of tomorrow...that reminds me so much of myself. It seems you tend to worry a lot about things (sorry if I'm wrong). I definitely tend to worry way too much about the future or fear of the unknown or the "uncertainty of tomorrow" so to speak. It's one of my biggest things I need to work on.

I wish I could give you more encouragement, but I can definitely empathize. If it helps at all, usually when I worry about things and they eventually come up or happen, I wonder to myself "why did I get so worried and anxious over that".
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