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Significance of existence?

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Hello, I'm new to this forum but I am not suicidal but I do think about the end of human life and the psychological motivation to live through it completely.
I would like to present to you my thoughts and would like to receive your ways of coping with my shared dilemmas.

Here it goes:
I don't know if God exists or if the universe was just there; to me it's just a similar question of which came first the chicken or the egg. I also believe that no one can really prove whether God exists or does not exists.

I think that without an afterlife, existence is so meaningless that there would be no difference if one person had existed or not. So I think it would be so much more simplified if one did not exist at all.

I also have some thoughts on eternal life that proceeds after life. I used to hold Christian doctrine and believe that the purpose of human life was to be transformed into the same image as Christ by having Christ as the Spirit replace our soulish vacuum. Apparently this is to be accomplished by having the Word occupy the mind and express itself through human emotions and will thereby becoming a duplication of what is the essence of the Bible. After reaching a point of being absolutely constituted with the Bible/Christ, we would obtain the prize of becoming the New Jerusalem that is the counterpart of God after we die and live happily ever in eternity.
I have faults with this because now I question what's the purpose of living in eternity once we accomplish our purpose in the 70 years of human life?

So that's my brief thoughts on existentialism or whatever. What do you believe is the purpose of human existence and how would you cope with any views of futility?


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Here is a video clip where a young man asks almost the same questions:


Another possibility is that there may be no escape of life if reincarnation into this world is inevitable before we can really go beyond the mind...

As to how to cope with any views of futility, I would look to see if I can find out who or what I truly am…not by belief(s), but by direct knowing through experiential revelation...
Thanks for the link to Nick Vujicic video. Doesnt matter how down we feel there is purpose to our lives if we seek it. Very inspirational.

On a personal take on life I like two sayings: 1) Nothing ever stays bad forever. 2) Miracles occur when you least expect it.
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