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Silence Is Golden

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Im really sorry about how Ive been lately...avoiding people, not talking much on MSN...etc. My head really hasnt been in a great place lately...Ive been slipping a lot mentally, dwelling on my shit again. I did something the other night I didnt think I would do...oh well. I just feel i make everyones problems worse when I talk. To be honest I really dont have anything worth saying most of the time...I cant help you. Im a fucking 33 year old loser lol..lets be perfectly frank and honest. Look at me for heavans sake? Look how I live...its fucking priceless.

This is typical me though, going back into my shell after breathing a little bit..I always do this, its been a pattern throughout my whole life really.

I need to cut down my drinking a bit too...ive been basically drinking a 6 pack every day, thats like 2 litres + of beer a day, day in, day out. Its just as well i dont smoke pot or whatever...cause I think id be hitting it hard atm. I guess I could get some easy enough.

Im sorry to all those ive hurt, Ill probably come out of my seclusion eventually. Its just atm I dont feel ive got anything to contribute, so why say anything at all? I dunno....my head and heart arent right these days.
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Hun i don't agree with anything that you just said. I do think you have things worth saying and i respect what you say ALOT. I enjoy our talks on MSN an dim very glad that we actually do talk alot more than we did before. We seem to have grown a bit close and im glad we did! i enjoy our chats because i respect your thoughts on things. I loved our skype convosation with blubs, i didn't talk much tho :shy: but i loved it because i was talking to people i respect and care ALOT about.

Its fine to sometimes go back into your 'shell' I do it sometimes. Just take your time, your not hurting anyone hun, we just want you to be safe.


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