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    What can be heard in my silence? All of the screams that I bury deep inside of me? What can they see? All of the hatred and lies that lie beneath my skin? My ribs feel like they are caving's hard to think...I just want to disappear. All of these thoughts and whispers in my head are killing me from the inside out and I can't escape...I'll be stained forever....

    I'm standing in front of the mirror and all I see is ugly...who is that girl? Do I even know her? That can't be me....that girl is horrid. She's short and nothing but skin and bones..her hair is long and hides her ugly face....her lips are scabbed over and her skin is ghostly white....she is weak...she is ugly.....most of all...she is dirty...she. is. nothing.

    How could I have let this happen? Why didn't I turn around? Why didn't I run? My head is killing me. My throat is killing me. I just want to throw up...even if I dump the will stay with me forever....better just to keep your mouth shut, Cayce. No one will listen that's what I do..I stay silent. This way..I can't get hurt. My silence is the only friend I have....
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    The only one ugly is your attacker Silence is your enemy ok you let your attacker win by keep silent You are not at fault your attacker is the one at fault Your attacker is weak and sick not you You are not stained he is the stained one you are someone that is very strong to speak up here I do hear you ok and i am sorry for w hat that monster did to you
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