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Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by SilentCry, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. SilentCry

    SilentCry Antiquitie's Friend

    I Wish

    I wish I could tell you
    How I'm feeling inside
    How empty I feel
    How I just want to hide

    I wish I could show you
    The thoughts in my head
    The persistent feelings
    Of wanting to be dead

    I wish you were here
    When I cried out for help
    When I grabbed that knife
    When I cut myself

    I wish you could see
    The blood flowing down
    My silent tears
    Falling to the ground

    I just want you to know
    My pain is gone
    My life has ended
    And now you can move on
    Fly Away...

    Just want to fly away
    So I can be free
    From all of these feelings
    And the chains that bind me

    My head hurts
    I can't sleep
    Thoughts taking over
    My mind is weak

    Gotta leave
    Gotta get away
    Can't take it anymore
    In this life
    I don't want to stay

    My sense of self-worth
    Shot down again
    The feeling of depair
    When will it end

    My self-hate
    Burning a deep hole
    Reaches in
    Grabs my soul

    I want to cut
    I want to bleed
    I want to die
    I feel the need

    But I won't
    Not today
    Gotta overcome this
    Cause here
    Is where I have to stay
  2. SilentCry

    SilentCry Antiquitie's Friend

    My Final Prayer

    Please God forgive me
    For what I'm about to do
    My time on earth is over
    My life here is about through

    I've forgiven those who have hurt me
    And those who have tried
    I've told them I love them
    And now it's time to say good-bye

    I know when I'm gone
    Not a word about me will be said
    Just the stinging tears
    Of those who find me dead

    So don't start crying
    With all your fake tears
    You were the ones who rejected me
    And ignored me through the years

    So now my time has come
    To take my final breath
    Because in this life of mine
    The only hope for me is death

    - Me
  3. gentlelady

    gentlelady Staff Alumni

    You have captured much of how I feel silentcry. I can feel your pain and relate to it very well. :hug:
  4. SilentCry

    SilentCry Antiquitie's Friend

    Reflection Of Me

    Six feet under
    Is where I should be
    I look into the mirror
    And I don't like what I see

    I see someone
    Who was full of dreams
    Who was full of hope
    Or so it seemed

    In a split second
    It didn't take long
    Too real to be true
    And now they're gone

    It only took
    One swift move
    Just like a blade
    Slicing a deep groove

    Cutting away
    The hurt and pain
    Heartache and lonliness
    The need to love again

    And now it flows
    Silently down
    A sigh of relief
    Is the only sound

    I now like
    What I see
    A reflection of peace
    A reflection of me
    Another Dying Rose

    I look in the mirror
    And I see her face
    Silent tears roll down
    Wishing to leave this place

    No emotions
    Left inside
    An empty heart
    No feelings to hide

    Lonliness and despair
    Is all she knows
    Heartache and pain
    As hopelessness grows

    Her reason for being
    Shredded and torn
    Ripped to pieces
    Forever to be morned

    So as she sleeps
    The door shall close
    Another chapter over
    Another dying rose
  5. SilentCry

    SilentCry Antiquitie's Friend

    The First Cut...

    I look in the mirror
    And all I see
    Is the image of a lost little girl
    Staring back at me

    With tear stains
    On her face
    She wishes she could
    Be some other place

    She sees her life
    Her own private hell
    So many secrets
    That she cannot tell

    So many open wounds
    Too many to repair
    She takes a knife
    And cries out in despair

    The first cut
    Is for the ones who didn't care
    Who promised to love her
    And always be there

    The second cut
    Is for the ones who hurt her
    Who used to beat her senseless
    And then leave to desert her

    The third cut
    Is for those who knew something was wrong
    But turned their backs on her
    And started to sing a different song

    So now she stands there
    With the blood flowing down
    The knife suddenly falls
    As she floats to the ground

    Her eyes close
    Her life not wanting to keep
    Peace falls upon her face
    As she goes into her eternal sleep
  6. koo99

    koo99 New Member

    You write beautifully, SilentCry...thank you for sharing.
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