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  1. curtius

    curtius Well-Known Member

    Sit so still
    Slow your breath
    Till your heartbeat
    In your vision
    Feel the chill
    Love's slow death
    On fingerprinted

    Lay and absorb
    The weight of what
    Was just endured
    At your own cost
    Lay and let
    The dawning failure
    Shine upon
    Your silken loss

    It glows in you
    Sweet saddened dew
    With the things you knew
    Would happen
    If you let it in
    Love has stained
    Your silken skin...

  2. ...So many ways of being 'weak' in this life - some far worse than others, some we learn from. Some we succumb to, riding oblivion gladly...

  3. theleastofthese

    theleastofthese SF Friend Staff Alumni


    You never cease to awe and amaze me!!:smile: :smile: Damn, you're good!!!!!

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