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Silliest breakdown trigger...

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Just wondering what is everyone's "silliest" trigger... like the little thing that set you off and made you cry or get angry, even though it was just some silly little thing.

I lost it tonight because I went and bought a coffee filter, I really wanted a cup of coffee but when I got home and went to make it, there was no coffee left in the canister. Fell right to my knees and bawled like a pissed off baby lol. I felt so upset, like everything bad was made worse by not having any coffee left, it's silly now, but at that moment it was everything lmao!


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My silliest trigger is meeting people from my past who I respected to the nth degree. I get a sad feeling inside although it's so great to see them.


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I've managed to keep myself together pretty well (relatively speaking) for the past couple of years but the other night, during sex with my husband, I had a breakdown. The lights were out and he didn't noticed. I faked it, he rolled over and fell asleep. I don't even know why. Misery manifests itself in odd ways sometimes.


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I remember I told myself I wanted to commit suicide for the first time after my uncle's Dalmatian puppy broke my plant pots. I was so angry (at the world, maybe) and cried for days feeling like everything went against me.

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I think maybe running out of dental floss takes the cake for this one. Realizing in the morning that I have no clean socks to wear to work. The phone ringing with no name on the call display.

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Once, while feeding the cats (this was back when there were more than one), I dropped the cat food container. All of it (expensive cat food, mind you) got all over the floor. Now, we had hardwood floors back then so it was relatively easy to clean up. Still, for some reason, it caused me to break down right in the middle of the hallway.


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When my microwave broke. The thing is, is i never use it but this one time i wanted to, it did't work.

Also when i fail miserably at a video game i'm usually good at, video games are usually the only thing that makes me forget how miserable my life is but when the game is the thing that's making me miserable it affects me twice as bad.
when i was 19, i was really pissed off about the world. i got pulled over for speeding and got some bullshit ticket for going 80 or something on the highway, and it made me pissed at the system in general, which made me pissed at the whole way things are set up, which cascaded further and drove me into a rage, etc

it can seem 'silly' but it takes only a small crack to open the floodgates
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