Silly crushes.

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    I have issues with falling in love way too quickly.

    Here are two different guys.

    Jeff, I met him back in October. A friend of mine gave me his number wanting me to ask him why he wouldn't sleep with her. He has a girlfriend and I was like, erm, whatever I don't know this guy but I'll text him. Well we ended up talking about stuff and he said I was really cute when he was able to see me at school and he wanted to meet up with me. Well he was teaching me to skateboard for a while but things led to others and we ended up making out. The next day I went over to his sisters house since she was gone and we had sex. My first time of course, and my first time doing anything intitmate even kissing with a guy. We have been doing it off and on since then. Keep in mind jeff has a gf. But he broke up with her once before and everyone said he was going to ask me out. I was like...idk, we will see what happens. And well that night at the dance she cried and made a big sceen about how she loved him and how she needed him (even though she cheats just as much as he does) and he pitied her and went back out with her. We still did it and stuff though. Recently he smashed his phone so I haven't been able to talk to him since the sunday before last.

    Jared (maybe spelled wrong, idk) is this new guy. He is a freshman like me and he is uber cute with blonde hair to his shoulders. When he first came here last week I walked to the buses with him and we kept giving eachother little smiles. Now he has a gf in 8th grade but he hasn't changed much. He still smiles at me and waves when he sees me. We don't have any classes together but we had an assembly. I had no where to sit since I got there late and he said I could sit infront of him in the bleachers. So I did. The whole time he would shift back and forth from his legs being spread to off to one side. I was leaning on his legs the whole time. It was awkward but oddly pleasing. He kept joking with me, making the girls I was sitting by (who are sorta friends but kinda traitors) really pissed off. It was so great.

    Now I have crushes on both of these guys. I dunno anymore. I know I won't get either of them in the end. Even if the Jared guy didn't have a gf I probably still wouldn't be able to be with him because he is brand new, doesn't know me. And the girls who are friends with him and dragged him into their group hate me for some reason so they are telling him all this shit every time i sit or walk with him.

    I think I am pretty much destined to be lonely. Oh, did I mention my ex bf is one of the most popular guys in school and he is started shit about me for no reason so most guys see me as a slut... =(
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    I'm the same...form crushes all the time. It's good in a way, it shows you can still feel for someone, but problem is it makes you sensitive :<
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    I agree - it's a good thing because you are still capable of such tender feeling. Many in this world aren't, in fact never were capable of feeling anything other than lust.