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This is going to sound a little strange, but just what happens if you tell your doctor that you are thinking about committing suicide?

If I remember right, if you tell them, they have to report it. Assuming this is right, what would happen from there? Does it mean that you would have to go to a hospital? What if you don't have the money? Would going come back to haunt you later (i.e. when looking for a job)? Would telling them just mean that you are put on a list or something?

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if you voluntarily see your doctor then unless you are immediately in danger: if you have a strong motive and means, then they will not admit you to hospital.
you doctor will work through it with you and refer you to phyc.
i think.
yes it depends how serious you are. if you have a date and time set, and methods at hand then there is a possibility you will be sent to hospital. most places prefer to admit you as a voluntary patient. you have more rights that way. if it's just passing thoughts they will refer you to a psychiatrist for medication, and possibly to a therapist of some kind (psychologist, social worker, etc) for therapy.
as for it appearing in your records, for most jobs it will not be an issue. for some jobs it matters, military i believe, and also police. so it depends what you want to do for a career.


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i told my doctor i was feeling suicidal and he referred me to a service and told me to contact crisis if things got any worse


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unless you tell your doctor you have suicidal thoughts you are going act upon then yes he will admit you to the hospital..If you just tell him you have SI (suicidal ideation) then he will help set you up with a shrink..They will put you on meds.. Keep in mind it can take up to six to eight weeks before they actually start working.. Seeing a therapist helps immencely..They will teach you copping skills and how to recognise cognitive distortions..I hope this helped..
When I was admitted to hospital (UK) for attempted suicide in October; i tried two methods and the last method meant hospitalisation although the first method failed and I suppose the second did too but that called for an ambulance. I was seen by a Dr who asked me questions about the Queen then they sent me to a specialist mental health team who said nothing was wrong. I was discharged and now the only difference is due to me being a mental health student nurse I have to report any self harm or episodes of aiming to commit suicide tp the NMC.


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I forgot the second part of your question.. If you don't have insurance ask to speak to someone from patient assistance.. You will have to fill out some forms and put together some information but they will submit it to medicaid because you can't pay the bill..Again I hope this helps you..


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I have told my doctor that I feel suicidal. And I suffered no ill consequences. Sometimes when people admit this to their doctor, they can get really good help. If you tell the doctor that you are committed to seeing the plan through, then you might get very immediate help. But honestly sometimes, people want that. As others have said, it depends on what you say. Are they thoughts or intentions that you are absolutly committed to. Either way, talking with your doctor may be a way to get some really good help. I hope you get some great help. Everyone deserves that.

BTW, in the USA usually if you call 211 you will reach united way. They have listings of services to help people who do not have insurance but need assistance. I found a great advocate person where I live by calling 211 ( united way ). they gave me the phone number of a small organization that assists people who need psychological help. So you can try to find out what advocacy group or services are in your area. I just googled and yes they do have 211 phone for United way in Utah. Wishing you very best.
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Ive felt sucidial for years, and have told all my docs about this. Ive only had 1 try to have me committed and it was going to be on a voluntary basis.

I think you know deep down what your plans are, if your in fear of hurting yourself, why not reach out for help. Im here if you ever want to talk. Hugs


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When I went to get evaluated, cause I was feeling really depressed, I just wanted to get put on meds and feel better. But, when I told the doctor that I had this constant thought of suicide, he committed me. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks.
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