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    this is long but i hope ever member here reads it. help you see you arent alone. and that finally someone out there is finally getting it.
    this is bits from a article i read.
    (please excuse the typing making effort ot edit but cant promise)

    "to maintain mental health or recover from mental illness, we all require healthy families good friendships being valued for who we are being part of a community natural suport systems meaningful work as wwell as safe affordable housing . these are as important as the formal parts of our health care services which provide the meds counseling and impatient treatments. "1

    how many can each person here honestly say that they have in there life right now?

    "a silo can be seen for miles away along the roads of southern manitoba, stanind tall on its own and serving a very useful farming purpose. in central region its serving another purpose as well. its a picture of the way mental illness has been isolated in our health care system."1

    "like a silo mental health looms large. 1 in 5 people will be effected by a menta illnes at some piont in their lives. and like a silo standing alone, memtal health is often isolated from the rest of the health care system and it can isolte those who suffer from it.1

    we.... people with mental health issssues arent isolating ourselves. the very things that are supose to be helping are doing it for us. and everyone says fight, be strong keep hanging on. why? even the system wants to hide us away.

    further in it says
    "a shift in public attitude toward those struggling with mental health issues is a key factor in being able to ensure that our population embodies good mental health. we need to be able to have conversations about or mental health in normalized ways, in similar ways as we lhave learned to talk about the chalenges related to living with diabetes, cancer heart disease etc. these are all challenging health issues about whch we can openly converse without stigma attached."1

    yes but try talking to a professional its either meds to hide it or counseling where you are too afraid to say the truth for fear of just being locked away.

    a few pages over it says
    "put yourself in a healthy frame of mind. its easier to cope with daily streses whenyou look at life from fresh angles. think about 3 things that are positive in your life right now. remember change and occasional disapointments are natural. trust in your own strength to get you trough hard times, but dont be afraid to ask for help."2

    dont be afraid? easier said than done when suicide is considered so evil. do you ever hear when someone famous takes their live? no it was an accidental overdose or hospitlazied for undetermined health reasons. just yesterday in the newsd a story of a yong woman that was attempting to jump from a over-pass onto trafic below. 3 people saved her. not injured but reported in the hospital. no no no not the hospital. the pward for observation and assesment. everyonme watching that clip knew what she intended. but hush it up. shes in hospital. tell it like it was. let people know that too many others out there feel suicideal or are fighting mental health issues. that others arent alone and then they would know it!!!!

    lip service is all these well meant articles are. get the truth out there when it happens. scared its gonna give others ideas about suicide? news flash too many peop0le suffer them already and think they are the the only one and think they are pure evil for feeling them.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1 article breaching the mental health care "silo" oct13/10 rha central
    2 article preventing death by suicide oct13/10 rha central
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    wow...I noticed that...with my psychiartrist, he pretends to listen then fills in my prescription and I"m out the door in less than 15 min...I had some sort of therapy with a woman but she kept asking me if I told my psy about stuff I would tell her and she kept trying to get me to read books...I mean other than that, she wasn't much use at all...

    from what I saw money talks...if you go into the public health care it sucks big time, they ship you around like luggage, like your worth nothing...

    only thing I have from that list is affordable that sucks big time, I'll never get better : (