Silolquy of Hate, Farewell

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by vagitus, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. vagitus

    vagitus New Member

    The Revolting world, filled with obtrusive people and sinister judges can offer me only

    support, support of my expedited demise. No longer can I bear to drown myself in your

    hopeless society, revolting society. Your impertinence and assumed concord in this forum

    brings my moral vitriol all the more to the surface now, all your attempts to stultify the

    one alleviation of my torment are in vain, it is all vanity. You make me sick, yea, you make

    me want to terminate my cognizance, yea, you have suceeded.

    Your saccharine false promises for these suffering people is morally repungent, you do not

    fully understand their plight, yea, you fail to understand your own. Your laudation of life

    is a desecration of death, yea, it is all vanity. You see now, when I was dust I was at

    peace, I was apathetic to your insane fulminations, your vulgarity and proud inperfection,

    brought to imperfection par excellence in your obscene pornographic humanity in this FUCKING


    If it wasn't for your hedonism that belched me forth, I wouldn't have to so disturb myself to

    write you this final condemnation, as much as I loathe this self so alike you that you've

    given me, it is all vanity. You have no need to CLOYINGLY offer up your false sympathy to me,

    me that socially maladjusted malcontent, me that ill mind, I rebuke your diagnosis and

    psychological panacea, yea, rather I designate myself more vainly and veraciously. I am not a

    suicidal, nay, I am a rare blossoming of human epiphany, forced to bear your


    Eachday I sit alone in my dark anchoretic slumber seething with this haughty rage and

    recondite agony, begging your gods to let the eternities swollow my cognizance up, and

    terminate my surface from the world.

    Your gods have abandoned me, and so I shall not waste your precious time any farther in this

    awkward vituoeration. Alas, do not swoon upon me with your vacuous sympathy and moral

    consternation, your empty understanding.

    The only thing left in your world for me is human vacillation, but I am done with mortal

    irresolution, I am done with humanity.

    May you murder these words as you have murdered goodness, knowledge, and hope
  2. Erebos

    Erebos Well-Known Member

    I don't know what brings you to such hubris, but tell me, what is this dilemma we all face, yet few seem to fully understand? Elaborate on your ideas please or no one will comprehend. You have to buy the lottery ticket if you hope to win the lottery.
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