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Silver Lining


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Last night I got quite drunk, by that I mean I cleaned out most of my stash of spirits whilst slowly having a breakdown, I then woke up repeatedly during the night, first time on the floor, then in bed, I think I may have got 1 real hour of non passed-out-drunk "Sleep", and then I had to go to work this morning, but guess what? Negligible hangover. I had almost nothing to eat yesterday, and more to drink than I had drank all of the rest of the year (and half the preceding year) combined, and I get up feeling tired from the lack of sleep, and a TINY bit queezy, but otherwise fine physically.

At university I could drink like a fish and then wake up early the next morning and jog to the lecture, full of energy, and Im glad to see that, even though I wasnt full of energy this morning, at 30 years old I still seem to be mostly immune to hangovers.

So, silver lining.

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