Silvered Moon [Triggers]

Discussion in 'Poet's Corner' started by Wysteria Blue, Jan 4, 2013.

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  1. Wysteria Blue

    Wysteria Blue Well-Known Member

    Silvered Moon​

    The stars and moon my only companions tonight,
    as I drive mindlessly, deeper into the heart of midnight.
    Headlights blaze sporadically, baring my blighted soul in their flash
    distant flares - like pleas for respite from my past.

    Disillusioned, afraid and alone I wander aimlessly,
    wishing I could abdicate this life so easily.
    Slogging...staggering through endless black pain
    despair, regrets and shame that never seem to wane.

    My battered soul cries out for some remnant of Grace,
    some sense that in this world I might have a place.
    Someone to see my worth—willing to take a chance,
    to find so much more than just this ugly countenance.

    I have let everyone go…I have pushed them all away,
    and fled into myself, that I won’t harm them again,
    My bird was my last God-sent gift, my last and only hope,
    but even he cannot change my willful failure to cope.

    The drugs and razor seem so eager …to tantalize,
    calling to my weak will and inability to thrive.
    The deadly duo, an insidious, twisted conspiracy,
    offer a sinful conclusion to a worthless, empty life.

    The moon’s pitiless face and reflected glare,
    beam ghostly shadow and tree limbs bare.
    Highlighting the bleak landscape of despair I feel,
    it is time to take the final curve in the road for me.

    I return to this house, and slip naked into the warm embrace
    of my candlelit waters slowly tatting the crimson lace.
    The steam gently easing the band of fear around my chest,
    blurring my distorted reflection in the hazy,
    fragmented slivers of the mirror I no longer see

    - WB (aka MPK 01/04/2012)

  2. i_am_scared

    i_am_scared New Member

    this is my first read and first reply, so i hope i don't mess it up. this is real and can be felt and understood at every level. maybe that's not always a good thing, but for some it is what it is. thank you for writing. my guess is your write a lot, sounds talented. take care of YOU and keep writing...
  3. Wysteria Blue

    Wysteria Blue Well-Known Member

    Thank you I am scared...
    There is no wrong way to reply if you say what is in your heart..
    I appreciate you and that you could feel what I wrote..that's all that anything creative is to me...feelings/words/ be interpreted and felt by get them to see something a little different each day.

    I hope it didn't hurt you you say, it is just my thoughts and feelings...for what they are worth.
    Take care and I hope we hear much more from you..

  4. pit

    pit Well-Known Member

    Very intense. I love the imagery, esp the naked tree branches. One concern, though. I would never kill myself if I had a candlelit bath waiting for me at home.
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