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Simple Pleasures?

Discussion in 'The Coffee House' started by Me™, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. Me™

    Me™ Guest

    Most of the things i enjoy in life are simple and can't be bought with money. i made a list of some of these things..Tell me some of the simple pleasures of life that you enjoy? I like hearing about little things that make people smile :smile:

    I Love..
    How the city lights look at night from the top of Mt Ousley, the way lightning looks against a grey sky, the ocean during a storm, blowing the fluffies off dandelion flowers, holding hand, little kids drawings of animals and people, how fireworks look like they are getting closer once they explode, having my hair played with, comparing hands, reflections in peoples eyes, The way birds bobble their heads when they walk, the way passing scenery looks like a big blur while driving in a car on the highway. The twisty patterns smoke makes in the air or coloured liquids make in water, The way my dog shuffles his feet when he is exited, The sound that acoustic guitars make when peoples fingers slide from one chord to another, the smell of the coffee/biscuit shop, putting coins in money box slots, questions that make you think, footprints left in the frost of the grass on a chilly morning, putting my hand out of the window of the car and feeling the air go through my fingers, licking the frosting off the spoon after making cake, weekend naps, popping bubble wrap, music so good that it sends shivers up your spine, kisses on the neck, perfume, long cuddles, body shapes, photographs, cute accents, the way peoples eyes light up when they smile, the colours of the sky at sunset, the way my dog burries his head in my arms when I cuddle him, the moon when it shines red, sleeping the days away, sitting in front of a fire on a cold winters day, shooting stars, the way it smells after a rain storm, being held, road trips, pressing buttons, clicking pens, animals, the smell of Ajax, showers and baths, being loved, eating frosting separate from cake, alphabetically sorting things, shuffling cards, categorising cards, the dark, pure silence, classical instruments, small apartments, antiques, stained glass, hot water bottles, soft fluffy material, cold fruit, coffee, sleepovers, pinball machines, counting things, going to the dentist, jumping on bouncy things, swings, hide & seek, trying to catch fluffy santa clause plants, being underwater, building model dinosaurs, reading, train rides, roller skating, holding little animals, holding babies, long car rides, peoples life stories, black and white photographs and films and drawing.
  2. helena

    helena Staff Alumni

    :eek:hmy:, you named a lot allready that make me smile, some warm me up inside....
    the smell of the honeysuckle under my bedroom window, my moms cooking, my sons wiggling toes, my daughters open arms to hug, my cat and dog sleeping close to eachother on one chair,the sound of the sea,falling snow
    and the way naked nature get dressed in white, picking up memories of childhood with my sibblings all night long, holding someone dear you haven't seen for a while.....I guess there are some more but together with a lot you named allready, I could say there are for sure a lot of little things I enjoy
  3. 2LOST2

    2LOST2 Well-Known Member

    Excellent idea!!!

    You have named a lot of my simple pleasures... ah need time to list more ;)

    I love my cell phone sound of comming msg, beacuse its 90% that it is from the person I love =)
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