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  1. Itainthardtotell

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    Wrong place to be, wrong time to go
    Whatever it is I wish I had known
    Before the feelings had grown to the point of figuring whats the right angle to get my brains blown

    The songs are my reflection when they speak of interception,
    I look for it in rejection.
    The kind you see coming from a mile, the certainty of perfection just by the way she smiles.

    I wonder what you're up to and I wonder if you forgive,
    I wish that I could break loose and just get up and live!
    But you don't know the depths of my self pitty when I try to hide it in being witty.

    Yeah, mister smart ass. Knows it all but keeps falling back to the same track that got me to this wack circumstances, exact.
  2. Speedy

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    I hope she one days gives you a second chance; I'll be thinking of you.
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