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Discussion in 'After Effects' started by Nevermore, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Nevermore

    Nevermore Active Member

    I have nothing worth living for. Today (a shit day like all the others) I attempted to kill myself by cutting my wrists. I sliced myself up pretty good, but It wasn't enough to kill me. I'm tending to the wounds, and I need to try a different way. Ive tried to OD before, but It didn't work either.
    Cant even end my life. i am useless.
  2. At least you managed to slash yours. I smashed the mirror out of my apartment cause none of the knives in my place were sharp enough. I busted my knuckles pretty good and just sat with my head in my hands bleeding on the floor.

    -Got drunk and tried to crash my car, it was 6:00am in the middle of country no where. I made it about a 1/4 of a Kilometre and hit a yield sign. I had to attend 3 half hour addiction meetings for that one. They put a Stop at the end of the dirt road in place of the Yield sign I knocked over. That one was kinda risky. I could have hurt someone else and that is the very last thing in the world I want.

    -One day before work I waited in the woods til I figured my family had gone to work and doubled back to get a vacuum hose I'd been eyeing up for months. I had tried it a couple times on the exaust of my car and it fit perfect. My little sister was waiting for me crying. To this day I have no idea why she was not at work or why she was crying before I even got in the door. Suspicious as it seemed it still made cave and start crying. I got 3 weeks and some extremely cruel treatment in the asylum for that one.

    -I've stared at pesticides and poisons for hours and there is no chance of ever getting my hands on a gun.

    So yeah. I share your sentiment. Too useless to even end my life. It really just could not suck more.
  3. missybaby

    missybaby Active Member

    nevermore talk to me ok i want to help you i can listen and try to get you threw this right now..or you can just sit there and not eplain why you feel like this,what happened to you and when you feel like this
  4. Jackson

    Jackson Guest

    You're not useless, you're just in pain.
  5. missybaby

    missybaby Active Member

    Nevermore i agree with Jackson on this...nobody is useless its what society makes us believe so that anyone NOT fitting into there system feels helpless and worthless. Society is to blame for what we all feel and believe should be right or wrong..We as a group meaning everyone on here are not wrong we just have grown up looking and listening to what EVERYONE THINKS WE SHOULD BE..and therfore we assume that because we hate our selves and think differently that we are wrong.We are not wrong nobody is wrong in thinkin about ending their own pain and suffering its just we all BELIEVE that suicide is the answer. and others go about in other ways. Wanting to end end pain is never wrong but all of have to take it one day at a time in order to survive
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