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Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by dosnine, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. dosnine

    dosnine New Member

    Ever since I was born I've hated living. I remember being 3-4 years old and telling myself my family doesn't love me or care abut me, even though I come from a loving family that always treated me well. I've never had any friends, and the humans I thought were my friends were just hypocrites, I've been bullied throughout my entire school life, even had to change high-schools because of it, however this isn't what bothers my. What bothers me is the consistent growth of hatred of myself. I can't even look people in the eye anymore without feeling disgust in myself. I cant understand it. I have no real problems or anything to be depressed about yet I have so much hate towards myself I can't even look at myself in the mirror without wanting to break it. My problems aren't real yet my stupidity is. I know this is a really irrelevant thread or a site for people with really problems, and I apologies to whomever wastes their time reading this, but I've no idea where else to ask. Why do I hate myself?
  2. JmpMster

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    It is a perfectly relevant thread and your issue is just as valid and real as any other persons issue or problem. I do not know the cause of your issue nor will I try to guess but I do believe that therapy and counseling may help and that with some small successes in things you try you may gain some confidence that will also help.

    keep talking to us and know you are not alone and that your feelings are not strange or uncalled for - they are your feelings and need no more explanation than that...

    Take Care and Be Safe

  3. total eclipse

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    Self hatred is a bitch hun i have it and it hurts like hell. I am taking therapy in hopes that i can start not being so critical of myself hun I hope you too can reach out and get the help you need to see yourself in a different light hugs
  4. pancake111

    pancake111 Well-Known Member

    Self hatred is a real problem. I can come off as being a self confident person, but I really hate myself. I NEVER look at myself in the mirror. I avoid it at all costs.

    Instead of asking why you hate yourself, ask why you don't love yourself.
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