Since I'm probably a bit overdue for a mini rant...

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    The subject of today's rant is food.

    The product in question: beef sausage.

    On the bright side: I like beef. Beef is good. I like sausage. This should be completely non controversial. So why do I have reason to rant? I'll tell you why.

    Beef sausage; ingredients: beef, water, corn syrup, soy.

    Corn syrup? Soy? What the fuck?

    I don't even have the words to rant about this, all I can say is, what... the... FUCK? I paid for meat, and I get sugar, water, and plant based fillers. Oh sure, there's some beef in there too, but God dammit, when I order a hamburger, I expect fucking cow on a fucking bun, not partially hydrogenated beef flavored tofu product. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU ASSHOLES DOING TO MY FOOD??? What am I even eating anymore??? No wonder I feel so damn depressed and confused all the time, apparently my diet consists of chemicals, preservatives, and mystery meat which may or may not be actual meat. Can we just go back to the way things used to be? I'm not so delusional to think that life was perfect back then, but at least we knew when we were getting ripped off. At least we had a choice in the matter. Now you fucks will just sell us anything, it doesn't matter what's in it, whether or not it will kill us, whether or not it was made by sweat shop child laborers in China, nobody fucking cares anymore as long as the shareholders are happy, right? Hey, great, so you found a way to save a penny on every sausage link you sell by injecting it with soy instead of beef, and you found a way to make it even more fattening by giving it a corn syrup kick. Great, because lord knows I couldn't enjoy my protein without a nice healthy dose of simple carbohydrates, right? Not to mention enough sodium based preservatives to dehydrate a fucking camel. No wonder they say we should be drinking 8 glasses of water a day... not because that's what the human body normally needs, but after you consume 10 times the daily recommended allowance of salt, you're going to need a fucking glass of water to wash down that salt boulder or else your body will be feeling as thick as the Dead Sea, right? Oh, and don't get me started on the antibiotics you're feeding the cows... even the beef itself is artificially processed and filled with chemicals. I'm sure my future chemotherapist thanks you.

    This concludes my latest rant. This was just a rant. If it had been an actual meltdown, shit would have been hitting the fan. I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.
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    I would like to commiserate or say something useful, and I do in fact agree ----- but i am laughing too damn hard to manage more than this at the moment....
  3. IV2010

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    :worthy: soooo well said Wolf.... :biggrin:
  4. gentlelady

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    You have said very well what so many of us have been thinking for years. Don't forget the things like msg they add so you crave their product. No wonder you can't east just one (potato chips commercial)
  5. TheLoneWolf

    TheLoneWolf Well-Known Member

    Food used to be something we consumed for energy, to keep us alive. Now it's become just another mass marketed product designed to keep us fat, lazy, stupid consumers feeding at the trough of excess in the name of corporate profits. And if I want to eat food the way it was meant to be eaten, I now I have to drive 20 miles out of my way to the hippified fair trade market and pay $4.99 for an organic free range apple. It's ridiculous. Even our food has become political.

    Gives whole new meaning to the phrase, "where's the beef?"

    Indeed, where IS the beef?
  6. WildCherry

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    I completely agree. And how you presented this is hilarious. Eventually I'll manage to stop laughing...
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  8. Witty_Sarcasm

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    It's not just meat, but all kinds of foods today are loaded with crap. If you look on a bottle of Pepsi, these are the main ingredients--high fructose corn syrup, phosphoric acid, caffeine...I'm sure not one of these things is remotely healthy. People keep eating and drinking crap because it's so readily available and convenient. It's easier to get fast food than to make a healthy meal, but sometimes it's worth the effort.
  9. TheLoneWolf

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    Oh, well Pepsi has always been full of crap. I mean, it's basically a bottle of brown artificially flavored carbonated corn syrup. What makes me mad is when I buy something that isn't supposed to be full of crap, but it is... I mean, if I buy sausage, I fully expect it to have cow tongue, pig's feet or God knows what else in it, but at least that's meat... ish. I don't expect BEEF SAUSAGE to have soy and corn syrup in it. That's like when I heard a while back that Taco Bell ground beef isn't actually ground beef... so then what the fuck is it? And why are they allowed to call it ground beef? I mean hell, if they can just call any food whatever they want to call it, why not just package dog shit and sell it as chocolate? Put enough sugar and artificial flavor in there and nobody will know the difference, right?
  10. Freya

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    Is this not what Americans already do chocolate wise? :p Hershey is not chocolate!

    I think you need to start a farm honey - raise some cattle - butcher it yourself :) then it will only have corn syrup in if you want it to and I can stop worrying you are going to rupture something in a faux-beef fueled fury lol :hug:
  11. TheLoneWolf

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    Lol... I never thought Hershey was real chocolate.

    Farming is hard work. I already work hard at my job. I expect to be able to come home from said job and enjoy a good meal without having to wonder what's really in it.

    I will most likely rupture something in a fury over something one of these days. I have been fed up and furious with life for quite a long time now. I keep hoping that some day, the world will come back into balance. Maybe it is just my opinion, but it seems that life, humanity, the world, we have all lost our way. Life no longer means anything. It has become little more than a competition, a popularity contest, a scramble for profits... nobody cares about anything or anyone anymore. It all seems so empty. The only "real" people left are the ones who come to places like this to post their final thoughts before departing a world that no longer holds any meaning for them. Sometimes it seems like my only choices are to either sell out or get out.

    Were it not for people like you, and the other friends I have made here, I would have already voluntarily departed this miserable existence.
  12. Witty_Sarcasm

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    I'll eat Hershey's simply because it is chocolate, and I need chocolate every day to But European chocolate is much better.
  13. IV2010

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    some of the chocolate already tastes like that Wolf :eek:hmy: :laugh:
    you're right and it's time the governments stepped in and regulated what's in our food stuffs (stuffed!!)
    we're getting stuff in our food/clothes here in this country that's banned in other countries ?????????? :WTF:
  14. TheLoneWolf

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    You mean like brominated vegetable oil? Oh well, it's just bromine... how bad could it really be? Besides the fact that it's a halogen group chemical used in pesticides, flame retardants and gasoline, that has been known to depress the central nervous system... no big deal. Totally worth it to give that vegetable oil a nice citrus taste. I guess using actual fruit for flavoring was out of the question...?
  15. IV2010

    IV2010 Well-Known Member

    :eeek: OMG! I must read the packaging before buying things..
    off to google bromine
  16. TheLoneWolf

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    Brominated vegetable oil is an ingredient commonly found in citrus flavored beverages, Mountain Dew for example. BVO, as it's commonly known, is allowed to be added in small quantities to foods and beverages in the U.S., though it is not approved for human consumption in other countries. Excessive consumption can lead to a condition known as bromism, which can present as hallucinations, psychosis, weakness, irritability, nausea, constipation, skin rashes, among other things... severe bromism can even result in coma.

    Of course, considering all of the other chemicals out there that are already approved for human consumption, I'm really not surprised that they allow this as well. Personally, if I want a citrus flavored beverage, I'll stick to fruit juice that was made from actual fruit. I know that seems like a farfetched concept.

    You know, engine coolant is supposed to have a sweet taste to it... wonder why they don't substitute that as a sweetener? Hmm... I probably shouldn't give them any ideas...
  17. Witty_Sarcasm

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    I drink Mountain Dew all the time...maybe that's why I'm so crazy :laugh:
  18. TheLoneWolf

    TheLoneWolf Well-Known Member

    Yeah, you and about 50 million other people, including my wife. Never cared for the taste of it, myself. I think most people get hooked on it because it has a higher caffeine content than most other soft drinks... but that's why I drink coffee and energy drinks. Granted, energy drinks probably have a lot of bad stuff in them too, but you always hear "experts" warning about the dangers of energy drinks. You never hear them talking about the dangers of Mountain Dew or high fructose corn syrup... because they don't want to upset those mega industries - they're paid to keep their mouths shut about stuff like that, in the same way that experts used to testify that tobacco was safe and harmless. With the right money and the right connections, you can sell any kind of poison and avoid scrutiny. A pharmacy can sell you all manner of poisons, but try to sell a little bit of natural and mostly harmless marijuana as a "street pharmacist", and you'll spend the next several years sharing a prison cell with a guy named Bubba. Not sure how I got off on that tangent, but it tends to happen when I'm on a rant.
  19. Witty_Sarcasm

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    I'm scared to have any energy drinks...already have a bad heart so I think it would That's ok, I get off into tangents all the time :laugh:
  20. TheLoneWolf

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    I'm sure I'm far more prone to heart attack than you are... family history of heart problems, bad diet, alcoholic, ex smoker, anger problems, stress, etc.; my heart hasn't blown up yet. It might skip a beat here and there, or beat abnormally fast at times, but hey, that's all perfectly normal, right? Besides, I'd rather die of a heart attack than something like cancer or liver failure.