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Sing me to sleep

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yreve yad si gintteg esrow dna esrow, mi kcis fo ti. sti emit ot od gnihtemos rof flesym. i lliw eid. ton ni net sraey, ton ni evif sraey ro revewoh gnol uoy llet em. i lliw eid thginot. mi ta ecaep htiw taht. i deen ot od tahw sdeen ot eb enod. mi a tircrepyh, i wonk. mi kcis fo gnikaw pu ni eht gninrom. mi kcis fo gnieb evila dna mi annog egnahc taht. mi annog egnahc taht won. i evah gnihtyreve i deen ot ekam ym efil retteb. ot tes em eerf. tes ym luos eerf morf siht souedih efil. thginot si ti. mi yrros ot enoyreve ereh dna ni ym efil. mi yrros ot ohw sah reve deirt ot pots em ni eht tsap. ti saw tsuj a etsaw fo ruoy dna ym emit. yrros

'' tnod yrt ot ekaw em ni eht gninrom esuac i lliw eb enog ''

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
i'm not going to read that, but i'm fairly sure it's not a positive message. don't do anything... please... we love ya loads.
I do hope you're okay in the end (meaning alive). Reading all that backwards writing was rather tedious, although not too difficult to do. I guess you wanted to make people read what you said carefully because you want to live beyond your death. This sounds to me like this is not the first time you've made a suicide note. One question a suicidal person should ask themselves is "do I want to die, or do I want to be dead? Which is it?"

Whatever any of the apologies you list in your notes, people will never accept them because they are part of a suicidal intention.

Anyway, hope you're alive and well in the end.


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I think you wanting to or doing this is pretty stupid vikki.

You could get well, you've barely even tried yet. I wish you would. I don't know why you are fighting, fighting me, fighting cure.

It's like you want to be this way, I guess maybe you never really got much attention before you started doing this, and that i'm afraid is your bpd. but what can any of us do hun? you have to make the first move. I'm sorry.

I hope you don't die.
I did read this and vikki please knoe that you are not a waste of anyones time. You are a wonderful valuable person. You have a great deal of love and compassion in your hearts for others. Please turn a little of that love and compassion towards yourself. You need to know that you are a worthwhile individual. Please stay safe. Come and talk with us. Your friends are waiting to help hold you up through even the darkest times. Strength in numbers hun. :hg:
No, you aren't stupid. You just didn't take the time to really look at it. If you had i know you would have figured it out.
I just assumed it was a different langauge... seeing all the people here who speak so many langauges.. So I just assumed that's what it was so I didn't really look at it much.. considering I only know english.. bad me. :(


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Carolyn, easy mishap. I know the feeling....

So Vikk what's up? today better I hope. Are you OK? I don't even know you but I wanna know how you are... that's a plus for me. Smile, Don't worry be happy:biggrin: . Try any way
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