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Ya hard to love life when your in such a dark place hun Can you call your doctor get some help hun okay get on meds talk to a councillor don't sink any further down okay talkto someone hugs:hugtackles:
Well, I take meds but they don't work all the way. So among other things, I get depressed.

Really, it's not just one thing as it is basically everything.

I hate everything, especially myself or my existance. It's useless.

These feelings and thoughts can be very strong and it is very hard to fend them off time and time again. I need to rest, I need a break but I don't know how to do it.

Being alive and dealing with all this crap gets to be too much and I start thinking about how to end it... and the anwser to that is basically suicide. It IS a way out.

But anyway, this is the same old story I think. It's nothing new and I feel weird even talking about this.



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:hug: Sending hugs your way...Mr. A

P.S. I agree with Cowburn that a short break sounds like something worth looking into.
ya, your probably right. Things have been very stressful and I think that is the trigger. Although knowing this doesn't help much... life can still go to hell.

Anyway, I guess it's just keep on walking... maybe things will change.



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Things will change. Do the best you can. Try hard to make decisions that are good for you. The odds will end in your favor that the change that is inevitable will be in your interest.


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Use the minutes when you are Able, the brief moments when you are not at rock bottom. Use those times to reach out for help. Every time you incidentally notice yourself almost smiling at a joke, look for the light. You may have long killing days you can't get up, can't work, can't talk. That is where the depression is. Life is in the tiny minutes you find yourself in a cool shower, calling a healer, accepting the meds, noticing the weather, finding a new path. Use these minutes to find help, to answer your own question.
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