Sinking feeling of dread in stomach?

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Hey guys

for as long as I can remember I keep getting this sinking feeling of dread in my stomach for such trivial things/problems that doesn't make sense. Example if I saw a particular movie a few years ago or missed an issue of a magazine or whether I watched that episode or not in the year 200X and so worth, its over the stupidest things that wouldn't be worth worrying about. And usually the stupid problem never happened/existed anyway, so its so annoying. it doesn't make sense.

Usually sinking feeling of dread lasts for a few days and its gone when I sought out the trivial problem in my head. However it can come back so suddenly when I think of something that can causes the sinking feeling of dread. And the thoughts when I do get sinking feeling of dread are really repetitive and loops over and over again (kind of like I'm am talking my self out of feeling this way). Also sinking feeling of dread gets so bad I get a sore stomach.

What could this be, is this a bad form of anxiety and are there any natural remedies to help with the sinking feeling of dread. Such as Valerian Root or St Johns wort? I don't want to take Xanax or Valium as I tried these once and I got very very depressed on them.

Thanks guys

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hun go to your doctor okay could be many reasons why this fear comes up inside you. doctor will have knowledge of herbal rememdies that can work for you safely YOu can ask pharmacist as well they are very educated in what works best Better to get proper diagnosis first though hun okay could be many things as i said that cause feeling of dread you are stating hugs
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