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  1. maranature

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    Can feel myself sinkin.
    Trying to resist oblivion...or, perhaps a return to the Light?
    Trying to follow the rules to steady this ship.
    Trying to reason my suffering by virtue of faulty early neurological programming that can be reasoned away.
    Trying to resist drugs as an outlet.
    Don't know - not so sure...
  2. MisterBGone

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    Hey! Congratulations on all of your efforts to do well and stay healthy, get better, that's the first step: wanting to heal... Don't look for drugs (street) as a viable option to cure any of your ills, they can be a temporary short fix for some of the pain, and yes, they do make you feel good--for a time. But when that time expires, now you're in an even worse situation than before, when you started. Plus, there's the problem of addiction, cost, behavioral health issues, etc. What you can be sure of is that there is help out there for you, somewhere, you've just got to do a little reaching out to find it: whether it be at the hospital, the clinic, group/individual talk therapy, medication, friends, family, neighbors.... All it takes is the willingness to seek counsel and to ask for help. It sounds like you are already on this path, and if you are not, you certainly could be with relative ease, given a slight shift in your outlook on the situation.
  3. maranature

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    Obviously what you say about drugs is true...what happens when you run out etc, etc. With grass, I try to operate on an 'every few months' basis - the problem here of course is that once you stop having it after a few weeks of having it, then you run into a cold turkey of sorts - an endless cycle.

    Knowing what you have to do in life and actually doing it are of course 2 different things.

    The main problem is fundamentally having no control over one's life as I'm sure any social psychologist would confirm but it's not as if I'm revealing any great truth there.