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  1. Inanis

    Inanis New Member

    If every breath brought only pain,

    Every meal brought only bile

    And endless nights brought only fright

    Tell me then

    Would you be alive?

    Tell me then

    If sin you state

    Is it truly murder,

    My death to claim?

    So death, old friend

    Our only reprieve

    Come pluck from your garden

    This lonely small weed

    I very much dislike it when people consider suicide to be selfish. As if, that person is not thinking of the pain of those around them when they pass, when, in reality, the guilt must have consumed them in life. When they must have kept going on, for the sake of those around them, while suffering, and that is somehow what is expected of you. Suicide is simply the result of not being able to cope with your pain.
    Also, I have always liked the notion of Death as a friend, who accompanies you throughout life, and takes away the pain in your darkest hour. Death, as portrayed in His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman, which I must have read almost a decade ago as a kid, really stuck with me. Anyway, I didn't really like how this poem came out, except the last paragraph.
  2. prakash

    prakash Well-Known Member

    You are seriously depressed. Please see a therapist. Death is no solution to anything. One thinks that detah is a solution because one is not able to cope with life's problems. But with help from friends and family, wih help from therapists, you can be cured.
  3. prakash

    prakash Well-Known Member

    Keep venting here. Keep writing to vent out your emotions. Write, write and write soem more even if people do not reply.
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