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Siren's Song

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This is a poem about suicide.
I have nowhere to post this and no one to share it with but I still would like someone else to have seen it.
I would be grateful if no one stole this to pass off as their own...but even if someone does I understand the reason why you did and I hope you find solace in it.

~Siren's Song~
I stand alone at oceanside
Feet submerged in rising tides
My gaze transfixed by the white pearl moon
With ears caressed by a haunted tune.
The hallow sound of evermore
In ceaseless lapping at the shore.
The salty brine, it calls to me
"Come and sleep beneath the sea."
I slip down into the depths of blue
And shield my eyes from murky view.
Floating now through liquid night
Below the surface of broken light.
Hold me now in warm embrace
Whilst the waves kiss my face.
Coax the breath from 'tween my lips
And sing me to sleep as my life force slips.
Together, forever, we shall always be
Me, the mermaids and the sea.


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The poem is beautiful, @transparent! It reminds me of one by our great Alfonsina Storni. It's been written on a stone facing the beach that's called Alfonsina in her name.
Though this Siren's song might seem appealing from this poem, reality shows it's hard.
I wish I had a talent like yours. I imagine you like a spring of transparent and fresh water of poems. Don't let that siren's song trap you. We need you here with us.
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