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    This is the story of a fallen angel
    Of the custard mountain
    In the land of fables
    I was the Muffin to the chief unable
    She was the dove to the boy unstable

    Joint was the heart which brimmed with love
    Many were the songs together in part
    Under the darkness and the sea
    We found each other
    And filled our lives with glee
    Never was a laugh so free
    When compassion was the all we’d see

    Sadness can wilt a rose
    Choking on its inside
    Vomiting through nose
    Subjugated, to the dictates of an imagined pose
    There’s nothing meaner
    Than chicken and clothes

    Muffin was theatrical shadow
    Power buried deep under illusion
    Fighting everything, from those who used him
    Layers of reflections that lie
    Prevented the candyman from even knotting his tie
    Mirrors can blind and darkness lessens
    The eyes of the Muffin’s coming loveless lesson

    I’ve often wondered
    In my heart of ‘plunder’
    How can so much hatred could co-exist,
    In your heart in which I saw nothing but bliss?
    Don’t ever say I never listened
    My heart for you never ceased to glisten
    I guess you finally lost your place
    Sacrificed all for the sake of making pace?
    You doubt the Muffin and his sugar cane
    Think darkness has washed him forever down the drain
    Don’t think these eyes were ever blind to your pain
    You will be sorry
    He’ll rise again

    ~ Muffin
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.