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skype question..

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ok it would seem you all seem to know a lot about skype..or at least how to use it :wink: so maybe someone knows the answer because i seem to be rather stupid with it...was just trying to stop someone from seeing i was online, blocked them and now they appear to have disappeared altogether..soooo not my intention..i promise :tongue: umm so yeh how do i get them back?? :blink:
:ohmy: ok it tells the person you block that you blocked them :ohmy: they should tell you that beforehand :mad: invisible mode is the way forward :laugh:
Indeed, Invisible Mode rules!!!
...not that I ever use it, of course :angel:

Haha. You ever want to talk to a mad scottish gal blueberry, you can add me if you want :) it's same as my username here, moonstar89.
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