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    So , I'm sat at home today , my wife is here and she suggests that we take the two kids that are not a school out for lunch , seems like a harmless proposal yes ? .
    I am sat at a picnic table outside this bar restaurant pulling faces at the kids , I'm laughing for the first time in , well a long time , when my wife asks me if I would like a night free of the kids ? in an instant I work out what this actually means .
    She is not asking me anything , she is telling me that she is taking my children to her Grandma's house (she is away on holiday) and she plans to spend the night there with her fucking boyfriend to see how they all get along .
    I am so sick of this shit , I need to her to move out NOW , I can't even begin to move on while she still lives here , excuse my language but this is all so fucked up , what kind of person leaves her husband , the father of her four children , immediatley starts a relationship with a man she had an affair with 15 months ago but continues to live in the same house as me ??????????????? and what sort of asshole is this man to let his new partner , my wife , live in the same house as me , that ain't how I roll , if I was him I would have her moved her out straight away .
    The urge to get the baseball bat out is almost overpowering but 14 years for murder with diminished responsibility seems like a bum deal for wasting this joker .
    So I suck it all up and hope I don't crack and end up on the six oclock news ..........
  2. total eclipse

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    NO hun you oneed to be here for your children don't let her take that away from you or him
    Tell her to back up and go live at her new guys place and leave you and the children alone Courts will not tolerate her behavior at all hugs
  3. IV2010

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    you're right richard ...neither of them are worth you going to prison for..and your children do need their father more than ever now she is introducing them to her new BF.

    maybe go hit a punching bag or something to get that anger out in a healthy, safe, way
    I can't answer what sort of people your wife and her new BF are because my post would be edited
    keep holding on richard, for yourself and your kids and don't let your wife and 'him' win

    you are showing us you have values that you are willing to stick to and are a far better person than your wife
    I'm sorry you're in so much pain but hold on until something is resolved with the living arrangements and you can feel some relief from seeing and hearing about her every move.
    take care ...:console:
  4. Terry

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    when my husband cheated I beat the shit out of a pillow.
    I got rip roaringingly drunk and told all my friends.
    It takes time, but the anger does abate.
    Put all your energy into the kids and kick the bitch out!