sleep. A blessing and a Curse.

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    For the past 3 days I have hardly slept. Not because I don't want to. I've tried pretty much everything I can think of. I'll give you the list here in a minute. Basically I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a couple months ago, but have been having symptoms progressively for about a year. I pretty much have all the symptoms at carrying tines. Some symptoms come and go but generally are all there just to carrying degrees.. The dry mouth, migraines / headaches, dizzy spells, dry eye / vision changes, joint problems. Recently inflammation of the cartilage in the ribs. Numbness, tingling, or random sensations in my arms and legs. Random stabbing pains in my back. Feelings of spiders crawling on my arms at night, etc.. Anyway.. On top of the physics pains and such causing issues sleeping I've been having a lot of nightmares / continuous dreams about being in mental health residential.. And all the fucking bull shit that was.. Only in my continued / sorta dream.. I am my age now. I'm also switching between 2 ppl. One is trying to just do things and live (but if u ever been to red, u kno that they do t teach sense, only non-sense. Like having your Pokemon cards taken away cuz of no reason. Or being in trouble for being sick. Being HUMAN!) anyway.. This part is still 23 (my age now) and is trying to stand up for themselves. Basically said they would sue if they took our personal possessions. And then there's the other part who's following and right next to this one who's quiet and does whatever the staff say and never gets in trouble. But yea.. I'm both those ppl somehow army the same time.. Anyway.. So the PTSD from fucking residential is screwing with me.. The psycological bs trauma and crap.. And before that I had dreams of a friend from here who was mentioned and this friend died a couple yrs ago.. So that's pleasant. Because of no sleep I missed my therapy appointment on mo day but got rescheduled. For Thursday. I have a slew study Friday and I'm just hoping there is sleep to study..

    Anyway.. This is what I e tried..
    Hot tea
    Hot milk
    My tramadol
    Zyrtec allergy medication
    Hot Epsom salt bath
    Short walk
    Laying in bed closing my eyes for hours
    Sleeping up strait on mu couch (worked for about an hour)
    Sleeping with and without extra blankets and pillows
    Changing room temp
    Sleeping in pajamas
    Reading before bed
    Using a heating pad
    Taking fish oil and l-thiamine before bed
    Petting my service dog
    Trying both no and low lighting
    Drinking more water for the headaches
    Eating few veggies cuz of headaches - needed vitamins?
    Trying to talk to ppl to get things off my mind (haven't been able to say much to ppl cuz been isolative)

    (fyi I don't listen to music before bed cuz its a trigger for me)

    Things I've thought of doing but haven't done yet cuz prob stupid:
    Have a shot of vodka
    Have a smoke
    I just bought this sleep aid n gona try it but already taken both tramadol and zyrtec already..

    Things I want to do:
    Go a get some new pajama clothes. Hoping that helps some?
    Talk to my therapist thursday
    Talk to the sleep study ppl

    So yea.. Any other suggestions not mentioned might be helpful.. Thanks.